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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Session Two

          Today I was reminded of an important point in teaching preschoolers. Something that is not new but often forgotten in rat-race Singapore.
          The preschool years of a child are the foundation (preparatory) years for learning. As a teacher I should not be too concerned about what to teach but rather I should be giving careful thought to the way I teach. I will have to consider four critical aspects before I plan for activities that will promote the learning of mathematics. The four aspects are:

1. What is the objective behind a certain activity and what is it

     that I want the children to learn. 

2. How would I know if the child has learnt it?

3. What do I do for a child who is struggling with it?

4. What if the child has learnt it?

          To achieve the desired outcome in any lesson, I will have to use multiple assessment approaches to determine each child's mathematical understanding level and at the same time carry out observations in assessing their strengths and weakness in mathematical concepts. I must also bear in mind that a struggling child will eventually understand a concept if opportunities for more practice is given. A positive approach is also important in motivating a child to stay on the task until the child understands and achieves the desired outcome. I must also plan and carry out activities that will promote higher order thinking for the child who has learnt a concept or mastered a task. 

          Lesson plans should emphasize the task at hand rather than on logistics. Using differentiated instructions is important in catering for children with different learning needs.

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