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Monday, 1 April 2013

Session One

          The first day of lecture, was a day of discoveries...I was amazed at how fast the time flew by during lecture because I never liked Mathematics especially if it had to do with solving 'complicated' problems. But to my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed today's session. It was FUN trying to solve the problems.
          The first problem Dr Yeap posed to us challenged my problem solving abilities. He asked us, which letter in his name was counted 99th. I tried solving it but it took me a long time but I eventually got the answer. While working on it, I noticed a pattern forming in the sequence of numbers. I discovered that it was the 3rd letter in Dr Yeap's name.
          At finding out the answer, Dr Yeap  challenged us to do the same with our names. I tried the same method I used earlier but could not see any pattern while I could hear some classmates saying that they could see a pattern. I persisted until I got to the number ninety-nine. It may not have been the most effective method but it helped me discover that it was the the 3rd letter.
          I learnt a few things today but I will surely remember the following three things from today's lecture...

1. There are many methods to solving a problem - no one way is the right way

2. In teaching there are four levels; by modelling, scaffolding, giving opportunities and explaining

3. Students may use less efficient approaches but they will acquire more strategies during the lesson through other students' sharing their approaches and the teacher's effective questioning.

          I will continue asking, "I wonder why?" to get my students thinking and going in the direction I want them to go in solving a problem.

  It was all about
          learning mathematics
                      by doing mathematics.

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